The customer was in error in their conclusions about Diet, BP, and HRV.

  1. Customer: The dietary data does look a bit old and based on the cholesterol method

The dietary data are not based on Cholesterol but based on cross analysis of Acid base balance, Cardio vascular markers, Diabetic markers, Body composition, etc. It is up to the practitioner to incorporate relevant data into their specific dietary program and not in place of a plan. Please note that we are modeling in 3D the visceral organ fat and acid base balance.

  1. Customer: I think there is a problem with this scan, for HRV / Blood pressure readings -A regular scan wouldn’t work great for HRV. It would be much better to get your own monitor and measure it daily to look for trends. But even so, it’s not really something that most people need to monitor. Also, blood pressure, the scan is not going to give accurate info unless you take several readings over a day, then across a few days. It fluctuates loads depending on time of day etc.

The results cannot be inaccurate on BP as we are not measuring the BP values during this exam!

The BP values are entered to the visit card manually and if you made a mistake then they can be inverted. (Note: Scan results viewed by potential customer were not accurate on BP as the numbers were inverted).

Additionally, HRV measured is a baseline and is considered with all the other data, not just on its’ own.

  1. Customer: The body fat algorithm is not the best method but gives a fair reading. But this is something again that will fluctuate a lot if you use bio impedance (but it’s fine if you do it at the same time of day etc) the info provided here is the same as you would find on a leaflet for basic Tanita scales.

We have multi-segmental body composition with data gathered in a highly accurate way with comprehensive results. More accurate when standing (Kiosk) or arms and legs straightened-Multiscan.)

  1. Customer: I am not sure what useful info the client gets for their money if charge upwards of £200-350 per scan, for example. I would want to know interesting and insightful stuff, or some blood readings on vitamins / minerals etc, something that got me interested and inspired.

The main value of the system is: Fast, noninvasive, informative, great visualization, combined 4 technologies and cross analysis (and not only just HRV or Body Composition. Blood values on other parameters are easily obtained and can be an adjunct to the physiological markers that cannot be obtained by blood.