I have a question from a Physician/ FM Doctor who I scanned, and who is very keen to help promote the Multiscan, though she has found a discrepancy between the results of the ANS testing with the MS, and an Adrenal Profile Test, which has come back with the opposite result. I have attached a screenshot of the results of the test that she had with Cortisol Awakening Response – link to website here and a couple of screenshots from the ANS results from the Multiscan. I wondered if you can have a look at the discrepancy, or at least help me to understand our results, so I can go back and relay that to Dr ——-. Here is her message to me:

Hi ——
my cortisol salivary test came back as way above the highest range – total sympathetic stress level but the multiscan said clearly I was in parasympathetic overdrive – how can it be explained?

my test was the Adrenal Profile with Cortisol Awakening Response which showed in a sympathetic deranged level – indicating high level of stress as opposed to the parasympathetic dominance which multiscan identified – almost at the same time
will scan it separately
I want to be a major proponent of the multiscan but would want to understand this discrepancy
thank you very much


Hi ——

We have looked at the results and think that it is incorrect to compare the results like this.

The peak of cortisol due to the saliva collection results was between 7 and 9 AM while our test has been performed at the daytime already when the cortisol level has significantly decreased. As the test also shows the current condition of autonomic nervous system, it might be necessary to make multiple tests as well for the estimation of its condition throughout the day.