Menla Technologies

Menla means a strong urge to be of service.

Empowering Fitness and Wellness  Professionals with Innovative Tools

We believe everyone deserves a holistic, individualized and patient-centric healthcare.

We want to empower fitness and healthcare practitioners to improve their access to premiere innovations, advanced research, and leading practitioners in this fast-growing, critical area of wellness.

Our efficient, non-invasive assessment and monitoring tools help practitioners understand their patients better and practice more proficiently. Our devices are used for the purposes of  functional assessment of lifestyle and health risk factors, and monitoring of care protocols.

Both the Fitness and Pro versions of the MenlaScan Systems are based on 4 scientifically validated technologies combined in one system. Results are instantly calculated and put into scores, colorful scales and graphs with beautiful 3d representation making for a personalized action plan. Our advanced systems are scientifically substantiated and used worldwide by MDs, physiotherapists, personal trainers, osteopaths, chiropractors, coaches, nutritionists, sports doctors, functional, and more.

  • Interconnectedness

  • Health

  • Innovation

  • Sovereignty

Using technology for social good.

We believe in the great potential that technology has in empowering individuals to take better care of their health.

We use technology to deliver accessible educational content to patients right where they are, enabling them to take an active role in their own health and become self-reliant. From this angle, the patient is not just another diagnosis, but an individual who with the proper means can be empowered to control their own health, fitness and wellness.

Technology can aid that patient to learn about and be encouraged to pursue healthy lifestyle choices that fit their individual needs and can avoid unnecessary use of medications and  hospital stays: a primary goal of holistic and integrative care.

Our vision is to build a new world of empowered healthcare.


“MenlaScan, has been the one good thing that has helped us not just attract people through our marketing plan but also because it highlights a lot of things (128 screen markers to be exact). This has been insurmountable to get people to see their pain and problems and thus convert them into patients. Susan is our distributor and is phenomenal. Her help has been amazing during such a challenging time. Her guidance and expertise has really helped us in launching a new business during the pandemic.” Dustin Musial, Tampa Florida

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

The MenlaScan is a non-invasive functional state assessment of the body which provides an immediate overview of the patient’s physiology, stress, fatigue, risk factors, and much more depending on the selected system.

Everything we measure has been utilized in separate technologies. Our systems include multiple technologies  and a unique program providing cross analysis of all technologies showing the interconnection of your body systems, with an overall wellness score, Biological score and appealing 3d modeling for patient viewing.

We look at body composition, microcirculation, endothelial (cardiac) function and hemodynamics, vertebral segmental imbalances, stress and fatigue levels (through HRV), wellness score, plus much more and with emailed reports on the above measured parameters, dietary recommendations, micro nutrition, fitness and spa procedures, and specific risk factors that can often be reversed before becoming a problem (Pro version).

Yes, in back to back scans, our results are consistent until a new variable is introduced such as a medication or nutritional supplement, chiropractic adjustment, PEMF treatment, etc. Then we are scanning for results of these modalities on physiology.

To get the baseline scan it only takes 60- 122 seconds depending on your system! Set up is very quick, and explanation of results about 5 minutes or more depending on goals. Printed reports automatically emailed immediately.

We offer two programs and six systems, three focused on Fitness/Wellness and three for Professional Health and Wellness practices with 128 biomarkers.

Comparable systems on the market are going for as high as $45,000. Our systems range in price from $13,000 to $39,000 m/l.

We are considered a General Wellness Device. Insurance is generally for assessing and treating disease requiring very specific diagnosis codes and often resulting in a denial of claims. We keep our costs down to allow affordability for both the doctor and patient. Please consult with your billing specialist for more information.

We qualify to market as a General Wellness Device under the new FDA guidelines and therefore exempt.

You can start with a simpler version (Fit) or you can pick what you want to look at and select customized report for exactly what you want to give patient.

You can compare our systems for deciding best for you and we can help you with that. or

We provide and consumer video which you can play in your office or social media, a customized brochure with your contact information, and occasional pieces for social media. We also have a practitioner locator page on our website to help people find where to get a scan.

The real financial benefit of this service will come through greater compliance, referrals, time savings, and increase in retail sales. However, there are a variety of ways to charge for this service. In Clinics, you can charge the patient a fee for a scan with printout, add a consultation for additional price, Or you can roll into an exam fee or a protocol. For an exam fee, we are seeing a range of $150 to $350 depending on time spent consulting. Some offer an introductory price of $99-$150.

We recommend at least once per year, quarterly if under care, and more frequently for monitoring certain protocols such as weight loss, fitness, or managing a specific challenge. Periodic exams are recommended for monitoring progress.

We provide video training for you and your staff available through a private training portal of over 30 videos. Much of the program is intuitive and has click-throughs for quick answers. For advanced training in clinical use, we have independent practitioners of the system available for consulting or additional training. In most cases, though, you can be up and running within a few days to two weeks.

Yes. We have a financial partner who will find the best leasing rates available for you. However, we find that many people will tag onto a line of credit or utilize a credit union or credit card for this price point.

Once funds are cleared, the portable system will arrive within 2 weeks. If kiosk, about 6 weeks.

You are allowed two downloads with purchase. You can put the program on networked systems or through google drive and open the results in another office for report. (Additional fee may apply)

Since this is a General Wellness Device, anyone can run it. It will be up to the doctor who will review results with patient or if they are just handed a printed report.

Here is what we are hearing from doctors:

  1. Saves time, assists doctor in knowing next steps before invasive tests
  2. Monitors treatment or protocol and can adjust
  3. Increases trust and communication between doctor and patient
  4. Increases compliance with care (long after symptoms disappear)
  5. Increases referrals, patients are excited to share
  6. Increases sales of all services and products in clinic
  7. Increases joy in practice for the doctor!
  8. Fitness version allows for smarter workouts and comprehensive monitoring
  9. Patients can see results of their lifestyle and are motivated to change

Endothelial dysfunction is kind of a buzz word right now. It suggests that the cells on the inside of your coronary arteries are not working as well as they should and could be an early warning sign of

atherosclerosis and coronary artery disease. It is not routinely checked in doctors’ offices.

Most people with endo T dysfunction have some form of metabolic syndrome (overweight, glucose intolerance, hypertension, increased triglycerides, and low HDL). If we can catch a trend early, possibly even before symptoms or blood tests reveal, we can be proactive in reversing this trend.

* It is thought that many people can mitigate Endo T dysfunction through diet and exercise as well as certain treatments.

What is the stress score showing?

The Stress Score is the result of a test called HRV or Heart Rate Variability. It is now considered one of the most significant predictors of overall health. It is looking at the autonomic function of the nervous system and its’ balance and activity.

The spinal nerve groups feed all external skeletal and internal autonomic functions and imbalances can cause dysfunction in related organ systems. We are demonstrating the interconnectedness of all body systems and the importance of considering all parts for a global understanding of our specific risks.

Where can I get more information on the background and clinical investigations relating to this technology?

Please visit our website at