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MenlaScan Pro Plus systems offer the latest technology for wellness assessments + health monitoring + screening. This system is preferable for professional holistic, integrative, alternative, functional medicine clinics, medical spas, chiropractic offices and more.

MenlaScan Pro Plus Systems Can be Used Virtually Anywhere

MenlaScan Pro Plus Portable
MenlaScan Pro Kiosk
MenlaScan Pro Kiosk Mini
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MenlaScan Pro Plus Portable

Portable system for functional body state assessment

A portable version of the MenlaScan Pro touch screen kiosk with integrated MenlaScan Pro Plus hardware and software complex of functional state assessment.

MenlaScan Pro Plus can be used as a screening system for the initial examination of a patient. It is a compact and mobile device that can be used in various conditions and situations.

Advantages of MenlaScan Pro Plus Portable

  • FAST: Measurements take only two minutes
  • ACCURATE: Accuracy proven by extensive testing
  • MOBILE: Light, compact and easily transportable device
  • EASY TO USE: Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • INTEGRATE: Optional Microsoft tablet with loaded program for consulting
  • APPEARANCE: Utilizes horizontal or vertical screen(with convertible laptop provided) for more modern appeal
  • CONVENIENT: Custom Scanning Station for in office or travel
  • OPTIONS: 60 second Fitness scan or full Pro Scan options
Features & Specifications

MenlaScan Pro Kiosk

Touch Screen Kiosk for Wellness Assessment

MenlaScan Pro is a kiosk for wellness assessment, a unique combination of wellness applications for obtaining a quick overview of the most important regulatory mechanisms of the human body. Measurement and estimation of 128 physiological indicators in only 1-2 minutes.

MenlaScan Pro Kiosk is a General Wellness product and has an intended use that relates to maintaining or encouraging a general state of health or healthy activity. Intended use relates to the role of a healthy lifestyle with helping to reduce the risk or impact of certain chronic diseases or conditions.

Advantages of MenlaScan Pro Kiosk

  • FAST: Measurements take only 60 seconds
  • ACCURATE: Accuracy proven by extensive testing
  • EASY TO USE: Intuitive and user-friendly interface with touchscreen
  • UNIVERSAL: Great solution both for professional and personal use
  • APPEARANCE: Attractive and innovative look for any location
  • INTEGRATE: Optional Microsoft tablet with loaded program for consulting
  • 128 physiological indicators
  • 3D graphic visualizations
Features & Specifications