The all new MenlaScan Pro is a suite of four vetted technologies in one system that measures the true physiology of the patient in just minutes. The data is cross analyzed by a sophisticated software
providing scores, numbers, and 3-D modeling with immediate results and printable reports for the patients in lifestyle and fitness recommendations including diet and micro nutrition. The reason why this is so important is because it’s a missing piece of our healthcare system which is that first line of defense where a quick screening can inform the Practitioner of the first steps by getting a global view of how all of the parts are working together. Results are immediately available and provides printable reports for the patient on lifestyle, fitness, nutrition and micro nutrition recommendations.

The benefit to you as a practitioner is greater compliance from the patient, a new way of “collaboration and communication, a way to monitor the changes being made, Certainty, efficiency, and a global
understanding of your patient.

Where the system fits in is the missing piece of healthcare that provides accurate physiological real-time data on the patient that blood tests may fail to provide in earlier stages of chronic disease.

Example: insulin resistance and diabetes. It is estimated that at least 80% of people with insulin resistance do not realize that they have it.