Procedure on how to check if the cables work.

In order to do that you will need to go to the settings (CW button), where you can see the bars for the connection levels. You need to choose the page for the head.

First, remove the one-time use electrodes from the connectors on the cable.

After that you will need to place the metal parts inside the red and black connectors on the cable (where you put the one-time electrodes) together to see if there is any conductance (should be close to 100).

Do the same with yellow and green connectors. If you see this conductance in both cases, the cable works good and in case of a connection problem, it is the patient’s side of the connection that needs to be checked (forehead could be moistened with water, tightened with the headband, etc.).



Are the forehead cables interchangeable with the hands and feet cables and what is the cost of another cable when CUSTOMER is under warranty?


The forehead cables are different from others. For patient’s convenience, they were specifically designed to have longer parts leading to the connectors from the separating block.

I wouldn’t make the cables change if it is not completely necessary. If the test I described before was successful, the cable replacement will not change their situation, so they will have to pay for the order of an additional one. As for the price, it would be around 45 USD + delivery.