On adrenal medulla color-coding in IDMG, when it says kidney elimination increased or decreased, what does that actually mean? In someone who requires dialysis, wouldn’t it show some type of abnormality? There was a scan done on someone and no issues with kidneys showed up.

What are we really measuring for kidneys without the kidney/lung electrodes and addition to program?


  • Adrenal medulla color coding is related to Stress / Fatigue
  • Kidney elimination function increased (yellow color) –Estimated adrenaline increased –Stress –Kidney is working with high performance –Elimination function is increased
  • Kidney eliminationfunction decreased (blue color) –Estimated adrenaline decreased –Fatigue –Kidney is working with low performance –Elimination function is decreased
  • It is estimated from LF (Low frequency) of HRV and not related to the Bioimpedance box (with plates).