1. I have attached photos of two issues I am having with my MenlaScan.  In opening the
living tissue link, I got an error message about 6 to 8 times.
2. Valsalva ratio. The box read N/A on two different occasions, November 10, 2018 and
then again February 9, 2019.
3. What is the adequate time between scans…minutes or days?  If I have an error and try a
redo on the same person, then there is some discrepancies between the two scans. Is it
a frequent issue?
4. Do jewelry, rings, keys or watches affect the reading?
5. I get variations in the RI (Reflection Index) readings when the scans are only two weeks apart on
the same person, is that normal?

1. I have fixed the message in the living tissue link part
2. Probably the pulse wave reading was not accurate during Valsalva test and it was necessary to
repeat the exam
3. The adequate Time between scans is more than 20 min. The EIS measurements provoke an
output of sweat during some minutes and the humidity could distort the results.
4. Jewelry, rings, keys or watches can change bio impedance values and strength of the pulse
wave. It’s better to take off.
5. RI is related to small arteries stiffness. It can change during the time, it depends on lifestyle.